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Personal Development

If you believe life is a journey of self discovery, development and awareness, then you will have already tried many things.

You may already read books, attended workshops and conferences, watched DVD’s, listened to CD’s, created affirmations, meditated, fasted, prayed. You may have walked on fire, set goals, hired a coach joined the club. 

This learning and absorbing is essential, but there comes a time for doing, for integrating what you know, into your life.

And this is where the best intentions of the self evolved person often get unravelled. Life is so messy, complicated and complex, there are kids to be fed, planes to be caught, washing or deals done. Life goes on regardless of your best intentions of self development which somehow get sidetracked and sidelined.

It is your ability to apply your knowledge into your daily do’s and everyday life that will empower you to create life on your terms. 

How do you do this? 4me2realize takes what you know and through simple steps puts it in your life. It is the CONVERTER of what you Know to what you DO. It bridges the gap by combining a powerful mix of modern technology and psychology and you.

You interact and engage with 4me2realize using your Life Purpose, Goals, Projects (actions), regular journaling and behaviour analysis to take charge of your life and implement the great strategies you have already learned.

4me2realize is a simple system to keep you on track and motivated on the constant journey of life, helping you realize the life of your dreams.

P.s. 4me2realize is similar to Tony Robbins RPM system, except it is on line, with iphone/blackberry access and much more streamlined.