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“Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.”
Robert Browning

Nothing touches us more closely, has the power to ignite us, or depress us, than in the area of personal relationships.

Intimacy, love and connection are biologically wired into our psychology and super strong motivators. But more than that, when you are in love and feel deeply connected to others, you are happy. Nothing can knock you down. In contrast, long term isolation and loneliness is medically proven bad for your health.

The very power of this can make us blind, (love is blind!) to our own behaviour, thinking and actions.

4me2realize through its careful process of analysis, helps you see your behaviour patterns and identify what serves you, and what doesn’t, even in the painful and confusing area of personal relationships.

It helps you make the connections and apply the emotional associations you need to get and stay motivated, using subtle but proven highly effective neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.

Linking your purpose with your goals and then linking this with self reflective journaling, you gain a deep understanding of yourself and your deepest desires and you see how these drive your actions.

With this awareness comes the power to change. The ability to change liberates you to create the relationships, love intimacy and connections that you desire.

Creating a life of love and connection is possible, first you start with loving yourself. With a system that helps you analyse yourself, you begin the journey of self awareness that leads to love and greater connection with not only yourself, but other people.