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Whether you trade shares or property, build business, mine for minerals, or grow value on farms, the creation of wealth is a psychological process. As you develop yourself, your ability to create wealth also increases. 

What is wealth? Is it money, abundance, affluence, enough food, a home, 100 homes, is it brains, opportunities, business success, an inheritance, spare time, spare change, new clothes, renovations, cars, boats, things or a feeling?

For every individual, there is a different definition that is true and right for you. 

For you to be wealthy, first define the feeling you want. Then set up experiences that give you that feeling. You can be wealthy right now. And from that feeling of wealth you can grow your abundance to encompass anything you desire.

4me2realize will guide you through a process that will help you define exactly what wealth means to you and what actions you need to take to create that in your life. Most importantly, by incorporating your life purpose, it ensures you will not contravene your values and beliefs, the very person you are, to achieve your wealth. 

Using 4me2realize you track what you do every day to increase your wealth and abundance. It is inspiring to see the affect of small actions accumulating over time. You are motivated by your success to achieve more.

4me2realize simply helps you make the connections and apply the emotional associations you need to get and stay motivated, using subtle but proven highly effective neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.

4me2realize doesn’t tell you what wealth is, but helps you achieve whatever it is for you, using a guided process that will help reach your true potential. It all starts with you and understanding how you tick, then making the links between who you are, what you do and why you do it.